Clarkson I can not play the game very hard to accept

"Los Angeles Daily News" message, Laker Jordan – Clarkson because
buy nba mt of a right ankle injury has missed two games. Monday, Clarkson returned to full training and is expected to participate in the next game against the Bucks.

"You want to play, but no, this difficult subject, but played like a wounded deer after you can not play it, so I want to do is make yourself a healthy appear in the game."

Clarkson was born in San Antonio, so he unfortunately did not play with the Spurs: "I really tried, but no better trainer Gary Vitti does not allow me to do so."

Clarkson on behalf of the Lakers this season,
nba 2k mt played over 22 times, averaging 31.5 minutes of time to get 15.2 points 3.5 rebounds and 2.1 assists while shooting 47 percent, 41 percent three-point shooting.

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