Corinthians PRESIDENT difficult to sell Pato to sign Tevez

Recently, Corinthians
fifa 17 coins Chairman Roberto – Germany – Andrade (Roberto de Andrade) said the club wanted to sell Pato. Brazilian striker Pato is currently on loan to the identity of the players played for Sao Paulo, so far, he has scored 26 goals in all competitions in 2015, but he will return to parent club Corinthians at the end of the year. The Corinthians, which wanted to be able to sell him, because his salary is too high. There are reports that this Friday when Brazilian club has reached an agreement with Liverpool, but Germany – Andrade denied such reports.

However, he confirmed that indeed Pato’s agent in negotiations and European clubs. It is reported that the Corinthians club Pato worth of 25 million euros. ‘Yes (I prayed to sell him) we know
fut 17 coins if he comes back, we will become very difficult situation I am sure he will be sold..’ Germany – Andrade expressed. ‘So far no other club to ask Pato’s transfer fee to us. His agent is currently being discussed and a number of European clubs, to ask a few things, so that we can put him up for sale. Everything progressed very smooth. ” He has the market, he is a very good player, but he is only 26 years old, he met all the requirements for a big club in. I’m sure he will be sold. ‘Subsequently, the President also He talked about the issue of the introduction of the Boca Juniors striker Carlos Tevez.

He continued: ‘In the football world where it’s hard to comment on something not yet conclusive, people are saying we want to sign Carlos Tevez, but the deal difficult to achieve.’ ‘His salary is very high, and He had a great time at Boca, he also recently won the double (A League Cup champion, and Argentina). I particularly like him, but as time goes on, more and more small possibility of signing him a. ‘