Create “ice hockey Yao Ming” the right time

Because a person has the hockey world and media circles and fire.
Beijing on June 28, the young man from Beijing in 2015 Song An dong North American professional ice hockey league (NHL) draft pick in the first six 172 teams selected by the New York Islanders, which made history and became the first to be selected in the NHL draft The Chinese people, the Minister of the Department of Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of hockey in the days of Germany called “hockey Yao.”
A total of seven NHL Draft, focused only on the most dazzling star in the first round. But this year the media will focus on Song Andong body. The reason?
In recent years, CCTV CCTV5 + channel began broadcasting NHL games, overwhelmed is broadcast live throughout the draft. In the context of Beijing Shen Winter Olympics, CCTV NHL trying to fight another ratings strengths, which seeks to open up the Chinese market NHL ideas coincide. Both have long suffered from not only the Chinese elements, poor promotion effect, Song An dong appears timely act.
Little puck to create outstanding learning strength
Song Andong young as 5 years old to come into contact with the puck. When the parents brought him to the rink and saw the body cool hockey equipment, Song An dong fell in love with the sport.
By the end of 2005, Song Andong as vice-captain following the capital Beijing Dragons participated Bell Cup Tournament held in Ottawa. Up to 500 teams for the Maple Leaf country puck rendered to the extreme atmosphere, combined with a very detailed classification matches, training system and development of the league, so that these children and their parents from across the Atlantic opened the eyes. Parents returning from deliberations set up a “tiger earners” team, so that children can take part in this game.
The following year, under the leadership of Fu Lei, “Tiger earners” team in the capital cup Bell took first place. Excitedly, Song Andong parents send their children to firmly Hockey Canada continues to pursue a dream.
In 2012, Song Andong get famous private school in New Jersey Lawrenceville invitation, he became the school hockey team vice captain. 2014 to 2015 season, excellent performance for Song Andong named the best defender in New Jersey. 2015 ~ 2016 season, he will join the American famous private school Philip Dorf Louisiana high school team. However, overwhelmed by the creation of history, it does not mean he can immediately appear in the NHL arena. Song Andong expressed hope that the first university in the United States League (NCAA) play, and then consider the matter into the NHL.
Expand the territory they need Chinese elements
In last year’s CCTV5 + sports channel advertising to promote the meeting, General Manager CTV Sports Entertainment Limited Director has vowed to develop and cultivate hockey, tennis and golf, including a high-end events.
In early April this year, CCTV broadcast live the women’s ice hockey world championships in Class A Group B 5 match on China Team. Although Chinese women ice punch A final failure, but its tragic scene was unanimously recognized by the people, the CCTV also thereby obtaining a high degree of concern.
CCTV hand NHL began in the previous year. In the past season, the CCTV will broadcast NHL games streak to four games a week, which is almost the same with the NBA broadcast screenings. CCTV trying to create a new growth point of the ratings coincides intention is that North American professional ice hockey league is also trying to expand their footprint in Asia.
In fact, back in 1999, NHL then to Japan as a starting point, trying to open the East Asian market. That year, the North American Hockey League official match in the Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo. Was participating Anaheim Ducks have a Japanese star player Kariya. Today, NHL is bidding in turn target the Olympic Winter Games, and the enormous potential of the Chinese consumer market. But the NHL needs a Chinese elements, like Yao Ming in the NBA. Today, Song Andong for NHL is undoubtedly “puck Yao.”
Winter Sports Management Center Minister of the Department of the State Sports General Administration of hockey in the days of Destin words, NHL Select Song Andong may also have commercial considerations. “They value the Chinese market, which is selected with the year NBA Yao Ming. There are Chinese people, TV coverage on the big advertising more valuable. Of course, that is his ability to get enough.”