Cromartie Beckham short-lived

In the past 16 games, the New York Giants wide receiver Odell – David Beckham (Odell Beckham) the ball a few yards to lead the league. But this is clearly not impressed by the achievements of the New York Jets cornerback Antonio – Cromartie (Antonio Cromartie). During an interview Friday, Cromartie represents:this is
buy madden 16 coins only a year, Beckham short-lived.

David Beckham last week’s game with the Buffalo Bills, boxing opponents linebacker Preston – Brown (Preston Brown). Cromartie expressed this:I need to see the performance of players every game, I was not concerned about his foul play, or is boxing opponents. I think the most important is the overall performance of the players in the whole career. nevertheless, Cromartie still praised Beckham’s performance in the past 16 games.This is the Randy – Moss (Randy Moss), I’ve seen the best of 16 games. Cromartie to Moss as an example, pointed out
cheap mut 16 coins that David Beckham will face difficulties. Moss is often double or even three double-team defense, he never complained.