Denver Nuggets home 126-113 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers

the outstanding lineup played a great success, and in many of the bench in Denver, but also the best performance of Will – Barton.As a second round show in 2012, Barton entered the league when the future is not very promising. He is the kind of typical American defender, alone capable of good, but whether it is physical or personal skills, but not the top. This player is too limited, not to the ball is difficult to play, too many opportunities and delay things(click nba live mobile coins).

Because of this, the first two and a half years of his career, he was not ideal in the development of the pioneers: when the team talent heyday, Aldridge, Lillard, Bartum, Matthews and Lopez firmly The first seat, Barton in a total of 144 games, averaging only 11 minutes of playing time and 3.9 shots, get the poor 3.8 points.

The closing date of 2015, Barton ushered in a major career career turn, in a veteran Aveiro as the theme of the transaction, he was sent to the Nuggets, and soon became a team bench an important piece. Last season, he was averaging 14.4 points and 5.8 rebounds and 2.5 assists, becoming the top six of the year’s top candidates.

The first half of the season, because the main players are healthy enough, few opportunities for Barton, the performance of flat. But recently with Gary Nali and Chandler’s injury, he again re-use, the last four games have at least three times to get 22 points, including last week at home to play the Clippers, three-pointers 10 vote 7, crazy cut 35 Minute.

The game, Barton reproduce the nature of the microwave oven, as long as the play immediately have to play, the face of the Cavaliers casual defense, whether it is a fast break in the conversion, or the vacancy when the three-pointers, never missed. The final 14 of his 14 shots, scored 22 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists and 2 steals, and did not appear any mistakes.

Everyone knows that the core of the Nuggets is now about Qi Qi, today the young but the European big man, also, played 16 +10 +7 comprehensive data. However, the presence of positive and negative is only “+5”, while the Barton this data is “+11”. It is not enough to say that Kissi is not as important as Barton, but we can understand that Joyce’s guarantee of the lower limit of the Nuggets, and Barton’s crazy substitute, determines the upper limit of the Nuggets.source: