Do not be discouraged not give up – remember ski jumping athletes and horses Tong Li Xueyao

Participate in the 27th World University Winter Games ski jumping competition only two female Chinese athletes were from Jilin Institute of Physical Education Le xue yao and horse-tung. Their level in the country is first class, but world experts and compared to a gap.

Fourth. Electronic time card showing the final results Winter Ski Jumping World Women’s Team, aspirations Le xue yao and Ma Tong won medals in vain.

Two days carried the women’s individual ski jumping competition, they also try to get a medal, Li Xueyao fifth result, Ma Tong eighth.

After the Women’s Team, Le xue yao and horses Tong hiding the unpleasant emotions gently told reporters: “It’s okay.” When you hear the cheering his teammates encouragement, they told reporters: “We will not be discouraged, do not give up. ”

In fact, the results of her two terms has been quite good, because a month before the game, “by the domestic no space constraints, they simply did not go jumping,” the coach told reporters Jianxun tells the truth.

Lack of space, lack of equipment, lack of funds, lack of competition experience …… for the women ski jumping team of girls is already the norm. It is in this condition, they have been upheld. “Because I like”, Lixue Yao told reporters. Ma Tong could not help nodding beside.

Li Xueyao born in martial arts family, and my father is Luohan successor, she grew up with his father boxing, but like ski jumping. She said he began to follow the 11-year-old coach Jianxun ski jumping exercises, then do not know what is ski jumping, just having fun, there is a little vanity, was chosen on a very cool feeling. Later, jumping from the high jump and the next, “It had the feeling of flying, so exciting.” She says she “likes the feeling of flying and like snow,” so he engaged in “flying and snow,” a combination of sport – ski jumping.

Ma Tong, too, began ski jumping does not know what is, anyway, along with exercise, then more and more like it. But she leaps down from the sky and Le xue yao feeling is different: “I thought to myself, you just want a safe landing.” Then she laughed.

Jianxun coach said Tong Li Xueyao and horses are excellent athletes, but her two character traits are different. Jianxun Lixue Yao recalled the original selection of the scene, said she especially like boys, lively, very naughty child, who has an athlete needed “wild.” Ma Tong said things very seriously, no matter what the coach arranged her seriously complete the task, the heart is also more detailed.

After hard training, Le xue yao and horses Tong boarded a peak own ski-jumping career, made a series of achievements, became the first-class women’s ski jumping athletes. 2012, at the National Winter Games, Ma Tong and Le xue yao won the women’s individual ski jumping gold and silver standard station at the time, they are under 20 years of age.