Dolphins lose again could lead to changes in the coaching staff appear

Number of informed sources confirmed to the NFL’s official website said that if the Miami Dolphins in London this week, the New York Jets lost the race, they would consider replacing a member of the coaching staff.if the team lost three straight, do not be surprised at the coaching staff was being fired,a source said. Dolphins after the start of the new season with optimism now in the race when nearly a quarter of disappointing. Informed sources said that many Dolphins players were members of the coaching staff for some dissatisfied.

Part of discontent is due to the players that the offensive and defensive tactical command defective. A team source said everyone understands the coach is the problem, they can not make the team win. Informed sources said more than these grievances and other factorsincluding training the length and difficulty of mdash;mdash; will lead the team once lost to the Jets, the coaching staff will have the risk of losing control of
mut 16 coins buy the locker room. We have been playing the game, and are training hard every day, but as players, we do not want to face the embarrassment of, a Dolphins player representation.

If we lose in Europe, players are ready to walk away and quit. This is not a player issue. We have the world’s best talent.Dolphins 17-10 victory over the Washington Redskins in the beginning of the season, but after the continuous defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bill. In the offseason this year after the introduction of several players, team owner Stephen – Ross (Stephen Ross) made it clear that he hopes the team can enter the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 season. An understanding of insider said Ross: Ross is a very loyal person. But I think his loyalty is not unlimited.