England’s top league history standings 1st Red Devils only the first 4

English Premier League was established in February 20, 1992, is the highest level league England League system, and its predecessor is the English Football League. Premier League has long been considered the world’s best league, fast-paced, highly competitive, many strong teams, has now become one of the world’s most popular sporting event, but also the highest paid football league. Although the Premier League has replaced become the top flight of English football, but the scope of this article also includes statistics League era. The statistics, although Liverpool have never won in the Premier League era, but with outstanding performance in the League era, they became England’s top league history standings. (As of 2015-16 season, the tenth round) first: Liverpool Premier League since its inception, it has not been atop Liverpool in the league, but in the League, Liverpool to win a total of 18 times English League Championship.

In the 1900-01 season, the Liverpool team won the first top flight title, and won again in the 1905-06 season. Team in 1921-22 season, 1922-23 season, won the league championship twice, but after that Liverpool never won any championship. Until the 1946-47 season was the team’s fifth league title. In the 1953-54 season, Liverpool relegation to Serie B. With Shankly stay at Anfield, Liverpool kicked off a dominant position in the league, 1961-62 season,
fifa ut ps coins Liverpool return to the Football League, and in the 1963-64 season after 17 years of re-raised armor Grade League trophy. 1965-66 season
fut 17 coins to win the league title seven times. 1972-73 season, Liverpool won the league title again. After this, Shankly retired, he was replaced by former assistant coach Bob Paisley. Liverpool’s Bob Paisley coached nine seasons, a total of Paisley help the team get 19 trophies, including three European Champions Cups, one UEFA Cup, six league titles, three English League Cup, one European Super Cup. Since the Heysel tragedy occurred, Kenny Dalglish became player-coach. Under his coaching, the team won three league titles and two FA Cups, and in the 1985-86 season to get the league title and FA Cup ‘double.

1989–1990 season, Liverpool won the league title, but who would have thought it was the Red Army at the end of a career league title, after this point, the league champions Liverpool facilitate insulation. However, since the glorious League era, in this list, Liverpool wins 3980 war 1844 1144 992 level negative ranked first, ahead of second place Arsenal 43 points. Second: Arsenal 1919, the British military buildup League, Arsenal promoted to the top league has gone through 97 seasons, never again drop is too level, but before 1913 had relegated league. Arsenal 1930s ushered in the era of the first dynasty called. 1930-31 season, Arsenal won the first league title, and from 1933 to 1935, the Gunners dominated the three consecutive seasons, staged a league title ‘trick.’ In English football history, only four teams to complete such a cause. 1947-48 and 1952-53 season, Arsenal won the league championship twice, into the head of a season in the 1970s (1970-71), Arsenal will achieve a historic breakthrough, the team won the league and FA Cup champion. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Liverpool began to decline, and later Premier League Manchester United have not yet ascended the throne of the king, in this blank period, Arsenal became the most feared force in England, following the 1989 final incredible reversal to win, in 1990-91 season, Graham again led the team to win the league title, the Gunners defense foursome make teams helpless.