Evra there came Juventus after they found themselves allergic to eggs

Former Manchester United fullback Patrice Evra of France said in an interview in the near future, ask yourself the effectiveness of eight years in the Red Devils never find themselves allergic to eggs that fact until after his move to Juventus came. ‘When I came here they told me, I have egg allergy symptoms. But I eat eggs every day when Manchester United.’ Evra said. In an interview with ‘BBC’ in an interview.

Initially I was vomiting phenomenon in the training
mut coins process. Then I went to the hospital, they told me I appeared gastric ulcer cases, fortunately, is no bleeding.’ Meanwhile, Patrice Evra showing came after the Serie
mut coin A, in addition to the your body has a new found respect in football level, he also has a new insight. ‘Here I learned a lot about football, such as how to become more professional, although I validity period at Manchester United has been very professional.’ Evra continued. ‘In Italy, football is more like playing chess, you must take into account every step of your action.’ (Send)