Fabregas: I love Arsenal never change the world top three still all right to kill God

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas says his love for Arsenal will never change.

Small law last season with Chelsea to win the Premiership title, becoming the Blues midfield, but in his mind, Arsenal occupies a special position. “Anyway, that is the case,” small law says, “I love Arsenal never change, no matter what happens, most importantly, where I spent a great time.”

“The other is not important, I have good memories at Arsenal, there is love and respect, you will never hear me say bad things about Arsenal.”

Premiership champions Chelsea got to get in the Premier League title at Chelsea

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Sunday, in the FA Community Shield, Chelsea and Arsenal will battle. Small Law said: “This is not the most important game, but we want to win it is a war, a Wembley play in front of all the fans of the London derby this is a good tournament, although only a quarter. Before the game, but we still want to win. ”

“We do not worry, Arsenal’s fitness may be better than us, they are preparing for the start ten days earlier than us, but we are fighters, we will strive to win, to play a good match.”

Commenting on the season, the Premier League, a small law says each title race teams are spending money, the competition will be more intense. “This is normal. Manchester United have spent a lot of money last year, Arsenal last year, we spent the money last year, Manchester City last season, perhaps spend less, but this year they began to cost a lot.”

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“They all want to compete, so the defending Premier League will certainly be very difficult, there are four or five teams have the ability to champion, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, of course, people have different opinions, but we know must once again title fight. All teams will become stronger, we have to do better. ”

Falcao also right? Falcao also right?

Small law also said that it expected the new striker Falcao performance. “We have high expectations for Falcao, he is a top player, his performance in the league is incredible, but after the injury, he was a bit down, but I still expect a lot of him.”

“Look Falcao his back to goal, his series, inserted behind the timing of the defense, as well as his hard way. He was a little unsure at Manchester United, but Chelsea want to come back, he can restore everything in the league playing time He was one of the top three strikers in the world, I hope that he can once again prove it, we all know he meets a setback, but after all it was a great injury, you need time to recover, especially as a striker. pair field, you can relax a little, but the striker need that sharp, that sharp insertion defense, which is not easy to recover, I hope we can help him recover to the best. Our Website