Falcons cut veteran wide receiver Roddy – White

After the controversial 2015 season, the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday afternoon announced the cut in team history the
www.mutcoin.com greatest wide receiver Roddy – White (Roddy White). White Falcon 2005 first-round pick, then he completed in 11 seasons made 808 catches for 10,863 yards. He completed only made 43 catches for 506 yards 1 touchdown last season. decisions like this are always
Madden 16 Ultimate Team Coins difficult, but this is the most difficult decision I have so many years in the league is involved, general manager Thomas – Dimitrov (Thomas Dimitroff) said in a statement. We Roddy groups for the fans and the team’s sense cherish lofty respect and gratitude.

He was a great teammate and one of the greatest players in the history of the Falcon. We thank Xie Luodi do everything for the team and wish him success in his future career endeavors. A year ago White openly express their dissatisfaction with the Falcons offensive group. In the mid-season, he once talked about how he fell in the majority of cases the status Leonard – Hankison (Leonard Hankerson) after only become quarterback Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) Number Three passing targets. There were rumors that White will be traded, but in the end nothing happened.

Now, for a receptions, yardage and touchdowns number (63) among the top ten in the history of wide receiver, many teams array should have his place. White was selected to the Pro Bowl four times, the last time in 2011. White in recent years has been the number one wide receiver Julio – Jones (Julio Jones) a good teammate, which is probably why he decided to make the cut is so hard. Wyatt will take the Falcon had more than 600 million dollars in salary cap space for next season.