Fatal Attraction

newspaper reporter Guoji Gang yesterday, US media exposed the former NBA star Lamar Odom and women since the days of carnival, resulting in critical condition and was rushed to hospital. In professional sports developed in Europe and America, many sports stars like Odom, like, lost in money, sex, drugs and alcohol, which, gradually lost the reason, eventually ruined his career, and some come to a tragic end. Way back in the game they
nba 2k16 mt had a brilliant experience, indeed regret. [Scandal] representative: Odom, NBA star Dennis Rodman James Hunt said, ‘NBA career where half of the half is money.’

These words, though not always the case, but an overview
buy mt nba 2k16 of NBA players, from Chamberlain , Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and then Odom, sex scandals have not stopped. Bryant Odom as a year in the side of the all-powerful king, because of chaotic private life, leaving only short-lived glory, retired early. Now, Odom poured in a porn site, 50% chance of survival, hope the former basketball days to ride out this storm. In recent years, international sports off ‘peach storm’ has more than just one NBA, Tiger Woods’ Touxing door, ‘Bryant’s’ rape case ‘, David Beckham and the secretary of derailment, Ronaldo’ Half Gate ‘, Terry The ‘Friends of the wife’ …… because ‘sex scandal’ and the
cheap 2k16 mt infamous star, everywhere. In addition, there is a star in history.

he is the film ‘Speed ​​romantic’ actor – former F1 champion driver James Hunt. Hunter has a flowing blond hair, blue eyes and handsome face, 1976 Hunter career, the most brilliant year, with Niki Lauda championship classic, eventually do so to become world champion. But the racing genius is notoriously Playboy, claiming that ‘this life is at least 5000 women have had a relationship’, only to leave a world championship, and only 45 years old then completed his brief and crazy life .