Federer sun and “Hockey Great” photo frankly not easy to win a small German

Indian Wells Masters semi-final contention ended Federer’s 7-5, 6-4 victory over Rafael Nadal eliminated Raonic, after the game, Federer win is a good mood, drying out on Twitter and hockey legend Wei Well – Gretzky’s photo, but also with the prospect of battle champion Novak Djokovic.
The so-called heroes cherish hero, Roger Federer and Gretzky are leaders in their respective field of sports, although Gretzky in popularity around the world as good as Federer, but actually Gretzky’s brilliant equally eye-catching.

As the world’s ice hockey legend, Gretzky NHL campaign in the United States 20 seasons, retiring in 1999, when the United States has 61 professional hockey league record in career total scores reached a staggering 2857 points to lead Ed Edmonton Oilers in five seasons, four Stanley Cup wins, was a well-deserved “Great hockey.” Federer is also very pleased with the sports legend photo, two great gods are smile, Gretzky will hand on Federer’s shoulder, filling the expectations of the younger generation.

Federer also have reason to be worth Gretzky’s expectations, despite over thirty years of age, but Federer has Baodaobulao, defeated in straight sets victory over Raonic, rounded out the Indian Wells Masters in the battle. Federer said after the game: “I feel you can, go to the right track, but the game I have to go all out, especially when I scored a few key points determines the outcome of the game, I have to do to do. ”

Federer joined forces with the small German smoothly to the finals for the 38th German World War upcoming expenses, Federer also were discussed: “I think we were both playing well, the state is also worth noting the excellent state face today Druid, I want to win tomorrow to come up with a special performance needs, in short, it will not be too easy, so we’ll see. “