FIFA official investigation Hong Kong fans booed the national anthem or the national football penalty stope war

As outlined by AFP, FIFA has on September 8 vs. Qatar, China, Hong Kong fans booed the national anthem before the fifa 16 coins invest in game regarding the investigation, China, Hong Kong could possibly be fined in the finish the house “matches behind closed doors.”

As outlined by Agence France-Presse quoted a FIFA spokesman, “We (FIFA) are collecting evidence as a way to assess whether or not it’s necessary to take further measures.” Early within the game prior to the game against Qatar, FIFA had currently warned China Hong Kong, If the case prior to the national anthem booed once again, Hong Kong, China place face serious penalties. Though Chinese Hong Kong Football Association just before the game the fans had been dissuasive, but within the game against Qatar national anthem ceremony before the game, or the emergence of this unpleasant incident.
Hong Kong Football Association Football Association CEO CEO Xue Xue Kiev Kiev

Kiev Xue Hong Kong Football Association chief executive, stated, “I do not know how to interpret this FIFA what occurred. Hong Kong Football Association before the game has taken initiatives to encourage fans to respect the national anthem, in view of these initiatives, and what happened that night, if FIFA sanctions against us, then I’d be really disappointed. Currently, we are able to only wait and see what happens. ”

Hong Kong Football Association Vice-Tony Jun Qi mentioned that so far, the Hong Kong Football Association has not received the relevant data from FIFA, it can be unable to confirm the contents with the foreign reports.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that the Chinese Hong Kong group may possibly happen to be the next house game in the “closed competition” (which does not let fans approach) punishment, even though their next residence game would be the November 17 Japanese and Chinese group.

In line with Hong Kong’s Independent Media HK No cost Press reported that Chinese Hong Kong group at a dwelling game using the national football stadium essentially located inside the piece has not been determined. Given that November 7 to 8, Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Stadium dwelling team’s football tournament are going to be held, the government worried that the game are going to be the turf trigger severe harm, consequently, that game is probably in other venues.

Kiev Xue Hong Kong FA chief executive, mentioned the Orangemen nonetheless would like to be inside the game can accommodate 40,000 men and women ut coin traders of Hong Kong Stadium. According to HK No cost Press reported that the relocation of your property if the Mong Kok Stadium, which can hold 12,000 folks Siu Sai Wan Stadium or accommodate 6300 folks are most likely to turn out to be an option.

But now, there is absolutely no message fifa 16 coins indicating an intention to replace the house from the Hong Kong side may perhaps possess a direct correlation with all the FIFA investigation. If the Chinese Hong Kong group for FIFA final implementation of your “closed-door game,” the punishment, regardless of the piece of the stadium will not be spared.