Fifth week Thursday night race Preview Colts @ Texans

Blink of an eye the regular season has been over the past quarter, for partitioning the first name and a wild card competition for places has been gradually warming up, the top two partitions for a civil war even more so. Thursday night game this week, it will be open season overall downturn in the civil war AFC South, the Texans (1-3) at home NRG Stadium against the current partition only way to get two wins Pony (2-2). Biggest thing: Andrew – Mubarak (AndrewLuck) performance since the 2012 season in the league, Mubarak significant progress every year, but this year played a little sluggish at the beginning of Mubarak’s people did not expect, mistakes surge is a result of the last game injury sidelined fight card. After two weeks of rest, although still unable to participate in full training, but the prediction will be starting debut.

Mubarak just how injury-plagued temporarily depressed, or suffered a career development bottleneck, the same district rival Texans are a good touchstone. German man attack group vs Colts defensive group German people called , the Patriots second team coach, assistants, players have a lot of validity in the context of the Patriots, two more are former quarterback Brady bench, but far less than the two Heuer Male Te and Brady. Male Te 4 games (3 starts) 720 yards 3 touchdowns per game, but has a steals, passing attempts succeed code only five yards. In addition to succession Andre – Johnson became the number one wide receiver of D’Andre – Hopkins (31 then 409 yards 3 touchdowns last week, 22 times as a pass target), a reliable passing targets only two wide receivers lieutenant Xiaoci, Washington (the field missed) each contribute 200 yards. Foster had just come back next (8 rushing 10 yards off the ball), the Bruce – – ground offensive in Arian Polk – Grimes trio in the league midstream is not surprising, but the field Fox Special work will undoubtedly bear the main ball, I hope he can get back twice won the red number one status.

Also in the last round comeback also left tackle Duane All-Star – Brown,
mut 16 coins buy his return was the team offensive line back the Stand. Colts defensive group offseason signings over veteran but no significant results, several key data is 25 away. Chong Chuan aspects of the overall relative average, five players each get a sack. Longford veteran and two young teenager Parry, Henry – Anderson composed mainly defensive front against run, red setter in addition to the only remaining locker room leader during Manning Robert – Mathis, another starting Walden and for many years the effectiveness of the Hawks Trent – Cole despite repeated pressure but still have sack record. Inside linebacker regard, Jie Leier – Freeman can not play this week with a groin injury, has made 47 tackles veteran De Kuier
mut coins buy – Jackson will shoulder greater responsibility.

Defensive line, among the league’s leading cornerback Von Tower – Davis and first mate Darius – Butler, Galil – Brown, Qiang Wei Mike – Dwight Adams and new aid – had to face a combination of Lori Jets Titan Bill, which are not known to pass Shangju team struggled, the scene of division rivals, they did not retreat. Germany vs Colts offensive team defensive group of people in the first three games Mubarak steals total of eight plus two times off the ball, a little mind-boggling. Offensive line’s performance should be held no small responsibility, let the opponent hit the quarterback 68 times the highest league, instead of starting on a 40-year-old veteran Hasselbeck to endure three sacks. Veteran running back Gore state in general, and the colt ran averaging only 87.5 yards in the league 26, even lower than the previous four games of the German people lack Foster. Top wide receiver TY.