Foreign media: the number of Chinese hockey enthusiasts, Canada quite

According to the Canadian Radio website reported that not only Canadians hockey fanatic, in front of the TV watching the Chinese national team in Canada less than the number of visitors.

In China, more and more amateur hockey enthusiasts boom driven from the sport. Because (North America) National Hockey League National Hockey League (LNH) has a cooperation agreement with CCTV, one million Chinese viewers to watch all the races of the North American Hockey League in front of the TV screen.

The Chinese government wants to use to promote hockey to get more far-reaching harvest. Currently, Beijing is competing with Almaty 2022 Winter Olympics bid. Therefore, as state television CCTV shoulder to make hockey has become China’s “winter sports” this important task.

CCTV Sports Channel Director Jiang Heping said, “to promote hockey in our successful bid to host the Winter Olympic strategy is a very important factor. We want to bring this sport in the whole Chinese-scale promotion.”