Former team mate told the pig to adapt to the Premier League has a difficult Manchester United next season is terrible

Just for 15000000 pounds worth of Manchester United Schweinsteiger appeared for the first time in the training field on the red devils. After training pig accepted reporter’s interview, seemed to him to join Manchester United, landing the Premiership will is a great challenge, but Manchester United are a very good team, is a great team, you have the ability to adapt to the Premier League, to help the team win the honor.

Schweinsteiger is considered to be one of the best in the middle of the time, but his former Bayern team mate Boateng believes that the pig needs time to adapt to the Premier League. In the past had competed in the Premier League Bayern defender view, there are many problems to be solved, in British football. “Perhaps this will be the a little difficulty, for him, because I think he has prepared well, very good. But he also have to pay attention to, not every foul, the referee will blow the whistle, and the rhythm will become faster.” Boateng told the little pig.

Is the 31 – year – old pig adapted to the Premier League? It takes time and to examine race, it seems, British media this is very optimistic about the that he has a very good professional accomplishment, and return to mentor van Gaal, may glow next spring, but his injuries and age will have certain risks.

After sign Bastian Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin, Manchester United this summer has spent about 80 million pounds, Boateng opinion, Manchester United next season will be very terrible, “they invested a lot of money, and has a great history, I’m sure they will be more aggressive.”