Gary Neville No sympathy Adjara he wants out of the woods as soon as possible

Former England international Gary – Neville said that if Adjara want to reach the
fifa 16 coins level of Lionel Messi C Ronaldo, there are many things he wants. Last season, Azar Chelsea can win the ultimate hero, but this season the players have been slow to find the state of Belgium. Chelsea 2-0 win over Aston Villa game, Azar is rare to be arranged on the bench. ‘I will not sympathize with Adjara, I hope he can come up with a better performance.

Last season his performance only be counted a great player,’ Neville said. ‘Last season, when someone Naezhaer and Macy C Luo par.
fifa 16 coins cheap Of course, they also have two trough time, but even so, they still contribute to the team, to score. You can look to C Lo broke the record (Real Madrid scorer in team history), then look at Macy’s contribution. ” Azar need to force a force myself, I say to those talented, skilled top players no compassion They have everything you need to succeed.

I want them to not only become the best player in the Premiership, but also from the harvested confidence, get more than 30 goals next season, once again become the best player, the rule of the court. After the start of this season, He did not do that, he needs to extract the best of themselves. Everyone will survive the tough times, but he needs out of the woods as soon as possible, because this is the best player they should, they will soon be out of the woods. ‘