GoPro sports camera manufacturers to acquire virtual reality company Kolor

American sports camera maker GoPro has just announced the acquisition of the French virtual reality software company Kolor. Kolor employees will join GoPro, but will remain in the French Savoie job.

Kolor software allows multiple photos or video combined into a 360-degree panoramic photo or video, the company calls “global content.” Although many virtual reality content manufacturers are using GoPro cameras, but because of the short board to create interactive content, leading to the delay GoPro user directly provide such functionality.

In announcing the acquisition of the message at the same time, GoPro also released a 360-degree 4K video to show Kolor software. Users can view the video through YouTube, GoPro official website, Kolor Eyes and Google Carboard other channels. GoPro said the company will soon release more spherical video via Oculus VR and other platforms Samsung Gear VR and the like.

“We think, GoPro has a great opportunity to lead the trend of movement in virtual reality.” GoPro CEO Nick Woodman (Nick Woodman) in the earnings conference call, said, “As GoPro has been widely used, many users are using it to through immersive way to record life experience. Therefore, we continue this trend of development is entirely reasonable. ”

In addition, Woodman said, 360-degree video is currently making process is complex, the company hopes to simplify the process.

Of Kolor GoPro acquisition is an important step forward in order to expand the scope of services. The company earlier this month released a commercial version Herocast, this is a can provide broadcast-quality live streaming solutions. The company also with the American Hockey League (NHL) reached an agreement to use GoPro cameras in certain live broadcast.

GoPro announced the acquisition of the message at the same time released the first-quarter results, the company posted a profit of $ 16.8 million, revenues of $ 363 million, the highest ever in the company’s highest sales record. GoPro quarter earnings per share were $ 0.24, higher than the previous forecast from .15 to 0.17 US dollars range, also higher than the $ 0.18 analysts expected.

GoPro camera first quarter sales of 130 million units, up from 852,000 units last year same period. GoPro quarter gross margin was 45.1%, higher than 40.9% a year earlier. The company’s cash reserves from $ 422.3 million in December last year, increased to $ 491.9 million in March.

GoPro expects second-quarter earnings per share of 0.24 to 0.26 US dollars on revenue of 380 million to 400 million US dollars, gross margin was 45%.