Green Curry with 51 points cut three pairs

Thompson is averaging nearly three battle 37 points, shooting up 65.6%; nearly three battlefield Curry averaged only 16.7 points and shooting only 38.3%. This war launched into the opening for the Wizards Temple first-pointers, 3 short Thompson lost the vote, how the Warriors do? See the library!(more buy nba 2k16 mt)

Curry hit the first successful long shot, Meng God feel excited and projection For this, the first section was 7 of 8 three-pointers! A total of 10 single vote 9 scored 25 points! Curry is not only opened the score early, but also to make the Wizards home fans turned against him, the fans continued to cheer for the library and exclaimed. The first section of the Warriors 43-28 lead.

Times before the holiday segment Warriors had established 17 points advantage. Wall led the Wizards to join hands with Bill will be sent out to the single digits. Curry back to the field after the Wizards suffered a perimeter to prevent, the use of red basket Curry consecutive goals. Second paragraph after the holiday Curry again launched into pointers, the Warriors 74-60 at halftime. Curry 13 of 14 shots in the first half, scored 36 points.

Wall 8 of 12 shots in the first half, scored 20 points, he apparently entered the library full confrontation with the state. But before halftime Wall situation occurs: when Curry was sentenced to foul Wall defense Wall red basket Shiyou Curry offensive fouls, also complained about the referee’s Wall received a technical foul.

Wall encounter inspired genius, just an opening Temple III steals Curry, dunk by Wall, long shot, continuous cut after committing Bogut 4 games, and even help Gortat scored Wall Wizards 19-7 offensive set off, chasing points to 79-81.

However, due to competition with a defensive rebound Wall received 4th foul, his fate appeared to make the game a turning point: the Wizards lost commanders up points difficult Curry enters two consecutive three-pointers, Andre Iguodala also hit away cast, the Warriors re-opened the score 103-92 lead at the end of the three sections.

Distal back to the field Wall, the Wizards re-enter the state chase, but Livingston half-section of time into 4 balls, four and a half left in the game clock, Curry assists in Livingston enters this war first 11 three the ball has its own flat-third of single-game career record number of balls launched into the distance Bryant and Marshall kept’re just an NBA record, leading the Warriors 120-109.

Since then no further Curry shot three-pointers, but by red basket connected to the 2 ball, Thompson is connected to the third ball. Golden State beat the Wizards 134-121.get more