Green winter Olympic Committee in Lausanne, will be part of the snow trying to project in France

Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games Bid Committee issued a statement on the 6th, announced a collaboration with the French side, if you get the right to host Lausanne, ski jumping, biathlon and Nordic combined competitions will be placed Tefe French Jura region of Northern Europe Ski place.

Green winter Olympic Committee in Lausanne, sports and grassroots sport development, head of Gian Geely said, to make such an arrangement is out of consideration the geographical conditions, in line with the International Olympic Committee late last year by the “Olympic Agenda 2020” in encouragement to continued spiritual development.

“We want to host a sustainable development, economically viable Youth Olympics, particularly in terms of infrastructure related to sports, from long-term perspective.” Auspicious, “said Tefe Europe’s top ski sports venues, Only an hour’s drive from Lausanne, placed such a good facility not simply a disgrace. ”

The just completed two years ago, it is located in the Swiss ski resort, the Jura region of France at the junction with the prestigious Alpine ski resorts across the basin separated.

Lausanne bid for the 2020 Winter Olympics competitors are young Brasov in Romania. The IOC will be held in Kuala Lumpur 128th plenary session decided to bid to host the home on July 31.