Guevara PSG True Madrid evenly matched both sides will attack (2)

Actual Madrid star is one of the most understanding of Guevara within Paris Saint-Germain player. Frenchman accepted the ‘Marca’ interview in regards to the attack and we would like to score, that is our philosophy. But everybody has their very own opinion, and I now need to discuss tomorrow’s game. ‘Related injuries:’ Our target is to win the Champions League trophy, due to injuries, our team lost some essential players, but injuries are a race don’t ask, our goals and usual – win.

Concerning two attack-minded group:’ The two teams are delighted ball, our game must be taken of exchange posture. We each teams scored a lot of goals, and there are much more avant-garde style of play. ‘Relevant top the group qualify for short-term goal:’ Our short-term purpose will be to qualify for the Champions League knockout, if it might major the group qualify far better.

PSG like the ball, and I consider that rhythm could be the important factor to handle the game, the two sides are evenly matched game, and I hope as we make fewer blunders, and strive to make their opponents to create errors. ‘Concerning the opponent’s progress:’ PSG made considerable progress in recent years, they now European football heavyweight teams. They have been to prove that they are the top teams, but I consider Real Madrid will kick a good game and score points tomorrow. ‘(Qian Pina in line with law)