Half of the large American professional teams fall into the hands of billionaires(2)

Houston Rockets (Houston Rockets) owner Les Alexander (Les Alexander) should feel Xiesitelin and Jordan. In 1993, Alexander for $ 85 million to buy the Rockets. Jordan abruptly retired from the NBA at the time, switch to play baseball next season, and Alexandria in the next two seasons with the Rockets won the NBA championship. The fall of 1995, Jordan return to finish first full NBA season, the Rockets this hegemony era came to an end.

For Jordan’s return, the happiest man or his boss Jerry Braun Dorf (Jerry Reinsdorf), who have the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and MLB’s Chicago White Sox (Chicago White Sox), also this year among the ranks of the world’s billionaires. Lawn Dorf Bulls with Michael Jordan won six championships, after Michael Jordan retired, the Bulls have never missed the championship, but did not stop making money Lawn Dorf pace. Market value of the team continue to rise, thanks to the huge popular market to acquire US team. In addition to the Clippers trade, financial billionaire Mark Walter (Mark Walter) led the team, also in 2012 the price of $ 2 billion acquisition of MLB Los Angeles Dodgers (Los Angeles Dodgers). Walter also debut this year, the world’s billionaires.

And Walter Ballmer on and, most billionaire team owners are initially outside the sports field to accumulate wealth. But there are notable exceptions, such as the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys (Dallas Cowboys) owner Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones), he was in 1989 at a price of $ 150 million acquisition of the team. Now, the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL’s most valuable team, worth $ 3.2 billion.

Sports teams value soared, prompting some owners bought multiple teams. In 2011, private equity billionaire Joshua Harris (Joshua Harris) with several partner with $ 287 million to buy | NBA Philadelphia 76ers (Philadelphia 76ers). His team is now struggling to hit the second-worst record in the history of the NBA, but his booming investment. Harris acquisition of the Philadelphia 76ers after four years, the team is now worth $ 700 million. Now, the investment tycoon tries to trick hockey field. 2013, Harris and his partner with $ 320 million acquisition of the NHL New Jersey Devils (New Jersey Devils). A year later, the team has been a slight increase in the value of $ 10 million.