Hawk – Falcons how quickly rise again

2015 In the fall, the US professional sports league on Bird athletic teams have a good performance, MLB Cardinals and Blue Jays in their league by storm and have to pull out the scoring area to hold the event. NFL stadium, Seahawks impatience does not move, the steady rise of the Cardinals also one unique, and truly stunning, in addition to decadent Eagles, another equally belong to the birds start to the season four-game winning streak , the protagonist of this the Atlanta Falcons.

Sports province Georgia never a lack of professional teams, in addition to the Falcons, Warriors (MLB) and Hawks (NBA) are rooted in this, a strong sports atmosphere so that they can always be in the position of each competitor alliance, into the 21st century In Michael – under the leadership of Vick, the Falcons played a beautiful offensive efficiency there, but did not last long, let Vick Falcons experienced a dark jail and put rotten entire 2007 season, they only sigh Luck is too busy, the 2008 season – Mike Smith came over, the team with the third overall pick in to the young quarterback Matt – Ryan, sturdy pants and signed running back Michael – Turner, together with the original outstanding wide receiver Roddy – White and the following year signed the elite tight end Tony – Tony Gonzalez, the Falcons offensive weapon called those years the most unstoppable force, followed by four years into the playoffs, but often critical moment the ball dropped.

2013 season and the 2014 season, the team suddenly lost like a chemical reaction, two seasons combined 10 wins, Mike – Smith also lost their jobs, reconstruction imminent. Falcon is more recent synopsis, this offseason, owner Arthur – Blanc fired but left the general manager Thomas Smith – Dimitrov, as well as most of the offensive and defensive core group of players, that is, said the entire coaching staff only for a revival will quickly realize, must be effective for the coaching staff to rebuild the team, following are some analysis of the Falcons this season I change: 1, Kyle – Shanahan let pass ran back into balance . The need to rebuild the team, it is the only way to change the coach,
mut 16 coins buy so most coaching the team will choose the coach immediately after the end of the regular season, then according to the coach to pick Fushuai taste. Kyle – Shanahan did not fall into the stereotypes, even before finalizing the Falcons coach, they identified the offensive coordinator position early small Shanahan until two weeks after the defensive Dan – Quinn became coach This means that small Shanahan will be solely in charge of the attack.

Nowadays there are a lot of league boast, or others touted tuning quarterback guru but the only result theory, small Shanahan might be the league’s most adept miraculous quarterbacks coach. To say the magic, his age and Drew – Brisbane almost, but he is already quite experienced coach, because he later graduated from the University of Texas to join the coaching industry directly, in 2008 became the director of Texans offensive, encourage Texans firepower full disperse large offensive play, the next year Matt – Shao cloth to spread 4770 yards 29 touchdowns in his
nfl 16 madden coins career, and was elected to the All-Star Game MVP. 2010 go to Washington assistant Dad, according to Robert – Griffin III, unique style, developed a set of red ball attack option emphasis on regional universities routine, let RG3 limelight without the two. Brown joined in 2014, he let Brian – Heuer from forgotten to NFL starting level. In addition there is a stall to attack very fresh, Johnny – Man Zeer pretend to stand on the sidelines and coach chat, kickoff Houmanzeer immediately flew along the border line of attack, the ball almost completed a long pass to arrange this file fraudulent tactics and Chat pretend that coaches, Shanahan is small, it is apparent that he is a local conditions, imaginative agility coach.