High Lats regular and Ribeiro exchange for each master on the pitch

Guangzhou Hengda will start 2015 season’s AFC Champions League final first leg on the road with the UAE. Before the game, who together helped Cruzeiro win the league title bar high lats and Ribeiro accepted the Brazilian media, ‘Lance Sports’ interview, said that although the high lats and now they contact less, but they are friendship is great on the court to be their own master, to win the AFC Champions League title. Ribeiro said the two will swap shirts after the game, with the relationship between high lats very good, but I hope to beat the high potency of Guangzhou Hengda lats in the game.

Speaking for the first time as an opponent in the upcoming fight with Ribeiro directly in the game, the high lats bluntly: ‘This will be a good game, the first time I played him on the court with the game in the mark Our wives are also in our careers between the two friends with each other, but we also have the opportunity to meet again, but we will be on the court their own master. ‘high lats to beat Ribeiro effectiveness Hurley confident, ‘Chinese fans want us to win here, our players too. club gave us great support, the fans as well. We have won the Super League champions, now we want to win Asia Champions League crown must always go on, every day are looking for a new target.

Rath said high though, and Ribeiro’s so much contact as before when Cruzeiro effectiveness, but the friendship between them is still very deep, usually via the Internet to communicate, ‘Sometimes we have between each other a number of exchanges, exchanges now have a number of small, but the friendship between them is great. between each other what we have to talk, we often use WhatsApp to communicate, we now have the opportunity to communicate directly, ‘Ribeiro also won the AFC Champions League full of expectations, he said:.’ Over the past few years, I Cruzeiro had a very good time, there many glorious moments, and now I got a chance, a chance to win an important championship again but this time in the face of Ricardo – High lats I will work hard for 2 – to Europe three years later. this is the way to win the championship, to work hard every day. ‘Ribeiro said the high lats will be exchanged jerseys after the game, and hope to overcome the high lats in the first leg of the AFC Champions League final,’ We know that football pay attention to individual sports are played. In recent years, we have established between each other a very good friendship, we will exchange jerseys after the game, the jersey collection together. His wife is here with me (Ribeiro’s home), But I hope that this time I was able to leave the stadium with a victory. ‘When talking about their life abroad, high lats bluntly:.’. very quiet life in China, my wife and I are able to quickly adapt to this language . is the most important difficulties, but the club gave us equipped with a translation, to help us, ‘Ribeiro said:’ The UAE is an Islamic country, some women wear clothes that my wife is a foreigner, you need to adapt.
mut coins Some things are not in Brazil. ‘Ribeiro showdown with high lats is a major part of this season’s AFC finalists, who will first help the team win the AFC championship, let us wait and see!