Ice Hockey World Championship group match popular USA and Canada continue to lead the quarterfinals

Prague, May 12 Xinhua News Agency Sports news (reporter Wang) in the Czech Republic at the World Ice Hockey Championships on the 12th ended the group stage, the World Championship semi-finals last year, Russia, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic among the eight teams.

Carried out simultaneously in the Czech capital Prague and the northeastern city of Ostrava 2015 World Ice Hockey Championships May 1 start, 16 teams divided into A, B two groups circulated points race, after 12 days of intense competition, the next round quarterfinals generation, A group of the top four are Canada, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, Group B top four are the United States, Finland, Russia and Belarus team. The next round A, B cross against two teams from beginning to end. Quarter-finals on the 14th to go to war.

At the World Ice Hockey Championship group stage despite upsets continued, but the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship semi-finals in Russia, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic to do so qualify. The world hockey power in Canada and the United States in the group stage outstanding breakdown of the group into the next round, while the breakdown of the Group of Switzerland and Belarus last war has been severely tested in the quarterfinals. Whether the world can do so teams in Canada and the United States reached the semi-finals, it will be noticeable.