J Warm Luo world wave of new aid attack Real Madrid a 3-0 win over Inter Milan

Beijing at 20:00 on July 27th, the Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium, Real Madrid in the warm-up match 3-0 win over Inter Milan. C Luo several times and scoring pass, Hersey opened the scoring. The second half substitute in the new aid assists Guevara Vasquez scored, J Luo free kick into the world wave. Inter Milan 3-game losing streak China trip and a ball does not enter.

Real Madrid moved to China from Australia, it would be held against the Milan clubs. Benitez adjustment 3 starter. Carvajal Danilo replace new aid, in front hired Casemiro and Hesse, replace Modric and Karim Benzema. Inter lost two races before the China trip Bayern Munich and AC Milan, Mancini returned to the lineup, the new aid Montoya, Murillo and Hole Shakespeare play. Compared with the match against Bayern, but replaced with a small Dimaerke Juan.

Nearly 40,000 fans attended the match. The opening 90 seconds, Inter will create a threat, Hernanes pass in the small frontier closed Ica Jordi almost reached. Real Madrid then also get two opportunities. Midfielder Danilo Fanqiang initiated the break, C Luo left the restricted area Zhise, Bell small-angle low shot slip far post. C Luo broke into the restricted area on the left oblique accelerate, or get the ball fell to the ground after Handanovic net smash sell.

Handanovic protect the ball out of the restricted bottom line is C Luo knocked to the ground. Ica Jordi Hernanes played with subtlety and wall tie, but Navas in Ica Jordi foot wrecker. The first 15 minutes, C Lo 30 meters in front of the free kick, hit the ball quite high quality leaves Handanovic Satisfy a single! Then Jesse Road counterattack ball, C Luo left the door 13 meters low shot far post slide.

Ica Jordi and Casemiro have missed a few long shots. The first 23 minutes, Real Madrid corner was destroyed, Isco closed front half volley was closed out Handanovic fell to the ground, Jesse blank range on the left is Handa shovel out, but Jesse offside. Since then crossing the ball left the small Juan, Hernanes left foot shot hit bared.

Real Madrid lead the first 29 minutes, right-sided cut in the Bell moved to the left, crossing the ball restricted the right of Marcelo, Hesse dumping the ball buckle Murillo, 8 meters in front of left foot Tuishe into the near corner, 1 1-0.

Both players to the sidelines pay, Benitez and Mancini have told the players to seize the time. After the match resumed, Ranocchia Shoujiaobingyong violations C Ronaldo, he took the initiative to embrace rival to apologize. The first 39 minutes, midfielder Cross steals the ball outside the instep, Hesse disease into the lower right-sided pass, C Luo eight meters before the dot pitch the door at the left foot Tui was Handanovic saved.

C Luo won the bleachers cheering riding a bicycle. Students times restricted the right of small Juan Bell bottom line pass, C Luo before the point of trying to heel shot, but was tight Murillo and Handanovic blocked. Jose after a little farm barb damage overheads, but also attracted the stands exclaimed. Before the end of the first half, Heikki Zupančič suddenly to the left of the frontier closed area volley was obtained Navas. Kick left this 后埃尔纳内斯 Navas is also closed out.

The second half, C Luo and Bell have been replaced, Qielieshefu and Vazquez played halfback partner within and Nacho Guevara replaced goalkeeper Casilla replaced Navas. Mancini is on hold. Real Madrid is still the focus of the wing attack. Qielishefu after playing active, after cutting inside the left and kicked the wall with Jesse, closed front volley was saved by Handanovic.