Jeremy cut 13 + 5 show step-back three-pointers in a single 4 4’m crazy and mad

YORK, October 14 reported: China Shanghai race war, the Hornets 113-71 victory over the Clippers to get two in a row, Jeremy Lin in 16 minutes of playing time 7 vote 5 3-pointers vote total 13 points 5 rebounds and 1 assists, Shenzhen station played a good performance, the commitment today as the starting number two position, is the coach Clifford made in advance. Lin did not waste this opportunity, the first section without the ball and hit the slide 4 4 ​​scored 10 points, the second section to send attack fast break pass from the Zeller, sect possessed Curry step back even soared into thirds.

Mai Jiji has been seriously injured, Batum upcoming mentioned three position, starting the new season two position vacancies, will belong to two successive wars are called top performance Lin it? Let Jeremy Lin and Walker partner with starter, Clifford’s purpose is very clear, both engines can
nba 2k16 mt revitalize the team’s overall offensive to a greater extent, Lin began to hit a ball, Walker controlled the rhythm, the Hornets first scoring chance to Jefferson, which is not scored, Lin immediately took offense, he has the advantage of playing without the ball, moves actively, good at reading the defense, the defense always appear in the weakest place first time out of the ball as long as Walker Jeremy Lin in the vacancy.

The first three points dropped, the next run cast also succeeded, Lin became the Hornets offensive arrow, but his performance is just beginning, 8 minutes and 36 seconds, Lin Hao, the bottom line slipped on the weak side, then the ball easily Zeller jumper, less than 10 seconds later, and the left wing hit a direct shot from beyond the arc, just four minutes, Jeremy Lin has 4 shots scored 10 points, which is the Hornets team’s score, and the Clippers currently only He got 9 points. Rivers Xianshibumiao sidelines directing players to strengthen the defense of Jeremy Lin, the Hornets then began to adjust, let Jeremy Lin to control the ball, in this section for the rest of Jeremy Lin not shot, but Walker 4 consecutive blacksmith, and Jeremy Lin’s performance a heaven and an underground. Second section back, Lin feel cold down, finally shot blacksmith, but before that he had two wonderful pass, gave a hit to Jefferson, another fast break accurately find the follow-up of Zeller the latter layup by Pierce foul. Lin’s advantage is the fast break for the defense of judgment and the
website ability to quickly handle the ball, and Walker compared, at least on this link, Jeremy Lin is more like a competent point guard, but the disadvantage is that, this time Lin has a total of three fouls, only early end to rest.

The new wave of climax, coming immediately after the second half began, the face of Jeremy Lin ball defense, without the slightest hesitation, a direct three-point shot hit the back step. the audience to cheer Chengdu overturned ceiling, did not expect such a library, Harden play flower job, Lin also have to turn to play. After this goal, the Hornets began to wave after wave of offensive frenzy, played half of the third quarter, they have opened the points difference to 15 points, Jeremy Lin in 4 minutes and 36 seconds was Lamb replaced, according to the season regular rotation before the race,
NBA 2K16 My Team Points he will not be re-debut in the fourth quarter. Distal start of the race when the two teams opened the gap to 25 points already outside, the Clippers only eight points for Houston single people looking stunned, a little bit toward the end of the game both coaches constantly in the process of commissioning the lineup, eventually Hornets big win over the Los Angeles Clippers 113-71, won two straight games in China, Jeremy Lin’s performance today, but also for the competition of the new season starting position plus two position with a heavy enough weight.