JR criticized the team: first eastern unworthy

Knight away 99-113 loss to the Wizards game, the Cavaliers Cavaliers shooting guard JR severely criticized performance in the game, and the status of the team was very worried(click buy MT Points).

“We can not play so.” JR said after the game, “left in the regular season 24 games or 25 games, you’re talking about the title race and the championship, but to defeat the other team. In the second loss to the east (Toronto) after they were beaten, we can not do this. If we are serious about their goals, then we can not go on like this. ”

When the Wizards in the third quarter to extend their lead to a sudden close to 20 points when Taryn – Lu to Owen, JR and TT etc all starting on the bench press.

“I’m not surprised.” JR expressed, “We did not play as they should, we do not have good offensive execution, we have no defense. So I (approach to coaching) was not surprised.”

“If we are still playing after losing a game no vitality, like today, then we do not deserve the eastern part of the first position, and should not be wearing (Cavaliers) jersey.”

Tristan – Thompson agreed JR views, saying this loss is very shameful.

Today, headed Cavaliers star LeBron – James truce. This season, when the absence of James, the Cavs are 0-2, but in the last two seasons, James missed the Cavaliers made only 3 wins and 12 losses.

“He can give us everything, he was one of the few able to make the team everyone to become one of the better players, and everyone played a very high standard.” Kevin – Loew talking He said to James, the “Yes, we will certainly miss him.” read more