Juventus midfielder Allegri appointed 1 new nuclear wounded can return to play in Rome

Allegri in the morning to lead his team to a 1-0 victory over Juventus in the reserve team, Pogba scored the winning goal. After the game, “Sky Sports” in his interview, he is not only the expression of the welcome of Sandro, also discussed the new season Pogba will be in the team play what role, and the team wounded.

Scored in the Italian Super Cup, Juventus this season first official match jiqiangkaida. They will be in Beijing time 24 sits at home face Udinese, the good news is previously because of last season in Turin Derby fans “paper bomb” incident and ordered to be close to the South and Taiwan in the first round of the competition will be open, diehard fans on the scene watched Juve season set sail.

Allegri to the first round of the league is full of expectations: “this is just a game of teaching, in order to give the weekend and Udine J warm-up. It’s difficult to start the league, but Chiellini is ready to come back and we’re ready for a tough season. The team has changed a lot in the squad, we need time and patience to find the rhythm of the new team, but our passion is still not reduced. Maybe we are still lack of experience, but our growth has made me confident that the team remain in Europe eight.”

In today’s game, Pogba appeared in the tardiness of midfield position, similar to the previous Pirlo played the core, changes in the role of Paul Pogba, Allegri said this is a test: “Paul today as a playmaker. Maybe he future will always be in that position, we have enough time to let him self adjustment. He has the ability to provide support and help the attacking players behind him, but he needs to adapt to. Why let him play in that position, because the role of playmaker is not an ordinary person can be competent, the need for players to break the routine.

During the course of the game man Zhu Keech due to a knee injury end, do not let a person worry, including morata, Claudio Marchisio, Sami Khedira and Juve players are on the sidelines, now does not allow man Zhu Keech be absent for three weeks. And Massimiliano Allegri says injury is not a problem, players will continue to return: “don’t worry too much wounded, morata next Tuesday will be able to resume training, and Rome as the second round of the league. Man Giulia Kikki should not have serious problems, but we will have a definite diagnosis tomorrow. If he can’t play in the first round, then I’ll send someone else to play. Asamoah will be back soon, and the team will get better and better.”

On being asked whether Juventus can reach five consecutive championships, Allegri did not answer directly. “We will have many competitors, I think this season’s Champions League will than before get less integral.”