Kaka: AC Milan will soon be back to the top of Europe is an example of Juve


Kaka now start in the American League to write their own chapter, but Italian football with AC Milan is still difficult to give up part of his, to accept the “slow motion” interview, he also mentioned that AC Milan will return to the top .

“Football is competitive here,” Kaka referring to Major League said, “I feel good, but always miss AC Milan and Italy, AC Milan will return to the peak, like Juventus did. ”

When asked American football is not the same with the European football, Kaka said, “I am used to the environment, you might never know what will happen on the pitch, because every team could lose or win, Of course, from a technical perspective, the European football is still a big gap, but this league there are more running, physical training at this very crucial, very balanced league here is very interesting. ”

According to reports, Pirlo also will join US Major League team, but Kaka indicated that they did not know, “I did not hear, but he could make it, he is still the highest level of the players.”

Of course, the topic can not do without Kaka AC Milan, “I’m still with AC Milan and Italy kept in touch with my own career and AC Milan in Italy, spent the day full of memories, I will try to Follow AC Milan, the team’s focus on the latest news, I often have contact with a former partner, AC Milan means a lot to me, is an important part of my life. I can be sure, AC Milan will return to Italy and Top of Europe, because it is a great club, the football world that there will be a brilliant and troughs, the club will make every effort to bottom out. Pretty soon, we will see a return to the peak AC Milan, Juventus Tucci is the immediate example. ”

This summer sadly class Inzaghi, Kaka said, “Actually I think the game is not much, so I can not judge this team, Inzaghi as a person and as a friend I can say that he is very stick, you can not just rely to evaluate whether rich experience of a coach, I think he will prove their worth in the other teams. ”

Commenting on his future is on the coach job, or when a manager or anything else, Kaka said, “It’s hard, and I thought well, now I’m still with the team’s focus on three year contract. ”

America’s Cup is currently under way, but the Brazilian team but the lack of Neymar, but Kaka still believes Brazil can win, “they can do it, Neymar missed a great blow to Brazil, but the team there are a lot of players can decide the game . Neymar is a champion player, but he has to learn to control their emotions on the court. “