Kompany ‘frustrated’ at yet another injury


Vincent Kompany has revealed ;a number of small and local injuries; are hampering his comeback.

The Manchester City captain came on as a second-half substitute in the 4-1 win over Sunderland following an eight-game absence, but lasted just nine minutes before a recurrence of a calf problem forced him off.

Kompany admitted his fitness problems were a source of frustration, but vowed to return stronger than ever.

;Today was a bad day for me,; the 29-year-old Belgian wrote on his Facebook page.

;My body feels invincible – the best it;s ever been – but i;m challenged by a number of small and local injuries. It leaves me more frustrated than with any of the ‘big; injuries I;ve had but it;s a challenge that I will overcome.

;There are worst things in life of course and I never forget that. So I;m definitely not (vist fifa-coins.fr) asking anyone to feel sorry for me and I hope you wouldn;t anyway. This is a way to communicate my situation to those who maybe deserve answers.

;I;ve made many sacrifices to get where I am today and football is everything to me. This is what I fought for so hard. I want (vist fifa-coins.fr) to be the best defender in the world and I want Manchester City FC and Belgium to become the best club and country in world football. I (buy cheap fifa coins) won;t give up that dream. Injuries have and still are preventing me to play my role the way i;d want to but it;s not stopping me to progress. I will get on with it and when I do come back.. I will be stronger again.

;My mindset stays unchanged, I will fight to get what I deserve, my best years in football.;