Korea U17 lore! Brazil beat England team ahead of qualifying

Amazing! Only use this term to describe the performance of South Korea U17 U17 World Cup in this session. Following the first game 1-0 to beat Brazil, South Korea U17 national team and in the second group stage game the first 92 minutes lore Guinea, after two games, the Korean team 2 wins 6 points among the top group B, Since the second group with just three points in Brazil, South Korea beat Brazil and England ahead of a round
fifa coins buy. U17 World Cup, held in Chile this year, a total of 24 teams participated, the game is divided into six teams, the top two and four top-ranking third in each group will receive the group. Finals will be held in the coastal city of Chile November 8.

South Korea and Brazil, England and the Guinean national team in Group B. Group stage opener, against South Korea U17 team champion Brazil, the game the first 79 minutes, South Korea, the 6th in the U17 Zhang Yuan scored the only goal in the end, South Korea U17 national team defeated Brazil 1-0 U17 national team, This is
fifa 16 coins cheap the history of Korea GuoZiHao international race to beat Brazil for the first time! This South Korean team at last year’s National Youth U16 Asian Cup U17 World Cup qualifying cum outstanding performance, all the way into the medal final, culminating in the championship was the Korean team 1-2 reversal.

Chinese U16 team even failed to win the group, the group before the two face Australia and Japan, the Chinese team are 3-0 defeat on the announcement out. China GuoZiHao team want is not easy in the international race of Brazil suffered in the past two encounters, the national team in the 2002 World Cup 4-0 defeat, the Olympic team at the Beijing Olympics 3-0 defeat . Second World War and Guinea team, Korea U17 national team at the beginning of the game really is not dominant, Guinea with abundant energy onslaught South Korean team in the beginning stages, but to no avail, Guinea was never able to break the Korean team’s door, finally,
ut coins buy in the game 92 minutes, the Korean team successfully lore. The victory allows the Korean team won the group match in the World Cup 2-game winning streak, two games with six points of South Korea topped the group B first, while the Brazilian team three points ranked second group, England only 1 point position UN Panel 3, Guinea 1 point 3 war bottom panel. 2 battle to get 6 points but also to South Korea and Brazil beat England to qualify ahead of a World Cup 16. South Korea U17 national team qualify to obtain also got praise FIFA’s official website, ‘the South Korean team into the playoffs by virtue of stoppage time lore, South Korea from thrilling win in injury time.’