Levante PRESIDENT Navas will make history at True MadridReal Madrid

Goalkeeper Navasprior to transfer to join the Bernabeu, has usually Levante goalkeeper, is by virtue of his outstanding performance inside the Levante, and played inside the Planet Cup last year in Costa Rica’s fabulous, Actual Madrid decided to He brought towards the Bernabeu. Final game, Navas to face former team grafting to resist, preserve the clean sheet, and in the end defeated Actual Madrid 3-0 Levante.

The Levante Club Navas principal Xikatelan think Actual Madrid can continue to make much more excellent items. Madam President, in an interview said: ‘He has discovered in the very best goalkeeper Casey for a extended time, Navas will play in Madrid a few years, there has produced a lot of excellent things, I do this incredibly convinced ‘Then he joked:’ (final game against Levante, True Madrid), he’s definitely ruthless, ” I’m proud of your efficiency with the group, they do a good deal; but the team’s defense let me hurt us.!. walking around the correct path, while we lost, but we nonetheless have a lot of game commendable location. ‘