Lin bluntly enjoy Chinese line photo Yao Ming gave way to Jordan 

Legal Evening News players, the boss has a high popularity, the Hornets last night in Shanghai thoroughly enjoyed a home treatment. Last night, 2015NBA China Shanghai station end game, the Hornets 113 to 71 victory over the Clippers. Starter Jeremy Lin in the audience bursting with popularity, the Hornets boss ‘god of basketball,’ Jordan’s star fans are very powerful. Lin court ‘crazy’ before the China trip bluntly enjoy interacting with fans, Paul and Jeremy Lin as the representative to the fans greeted their team, although the former is currently one of the NBA’s best point guard, but in China the game has Lin’s popular ‘I’m mad,’ said the still better, giving Lin audience applause cheers several times higher than Paul.

The game, Jeremy Lin opening to show strong desire to attack, four minutes before the 4 voted 4 to get 10 points, the team arranged all the scoring, although the audience played only 16 minutes, but it is the most eye-catching performance of the team players. ‘I have done a good job in terms of post moves without the ball, so it has been more shooting space, I want to start or come off the bench regardless, can maintain the same level.’ For his performance, Lin said he
nba 2k mt was satisfied, and said enjoyed the trip to China, ‘to win two games in China, this is the best I can to my teammates introduce Chinese culture, but also very grateful to the Chinese fans support, which is very interesting trip.

And Shenzhen station in the same situation in the field, Jeremy Lin’s performance of the most eye-catching, and the court, Jordan is still the focus of attention. Yao Ming as the host of
2k16 mt last night with his wife and daughter appeared on the sidelines and pause time and Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing went to the center of the field, to pay tribute to the audience. For two NBA legend, Yao has always been modest show, posed for pictures at the time, Yao Ming was originally the tallest standing in the middle, but he took the initiative and Jordan for a position, to show respect for Jordan. In addition to Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Li other two Chinese sports iconic figure also appears in the game field, and everyone together ‘engaged.’ Liu Xiang got hugs on the microblogging sell Meng up, ‘saw the idol! Hugged idol! Deer rattling scared baby.’ Correspondent Xu Bang India