Madden 18 Produces By far the most Rage-Inducing Fumble Inside the History Of Digital Football

Inside a competitive game of Madden, you’ll locate couple of far better feelings than breaking certainly no cost from the defenders and busting loose, seeing only green too as a rapidly-approaching finish zone in front of you. But once you come about to be pro gamer Substantial Gucci and also a close, high-stakes game is turned around in an instant lightning strike of heartbreak, the cup of sorrow overfloweth.

Bear witness to most likely almost certainly the most ill-timed fumble inside the history of Madden, all of Madden. Not just Madden 18(buy Madden 18 Coins). In truth, this could possibly be the worst fumble inside the history of digital football. That’s more than thirty years of video game pigskin, all boiled down and distilled into this ridiculous fumble from Eddie Lacy, who shockingly had the speed to out-run multiple cornerbacks.

Not merely does Lacy’s fumble at the objective line hurt, however the shame is amplified since the hand egg is scooped up by the defender inside the finish zone and loops each and every of your way about the field and scores a touchdown like prime video game Bo Jackson. Pittsburgh almost certainly totals at the least 130 total yards even though bringing the ball for the residence. Extraordinary. The worst element? This wasn’t a glitch. He dove.

It’s unknown within the occasion the gaming method Gucci was playing on was inserted into an industrial incinerator later that day.