Manchester United agreed to sell exposure Angel Di Maria 65 million Euro switch to Paris

Mary and Paris rumor is not one or two days, according to French media, “France Football” the latest news, Paris and Manchester United finally on Mary finally reached an agreement regarding the transfer, under repeated attack in the French Tyrant, Manchester United finally agree to a reduction, to accept the offer 65 million euros Paris, Manchester United will allow Paris and Mary were to discuss personal terms, the deal is likely to be officially announced this week.

Last summer, from Paris hope to introduce Mary, once the two sides reach an agreement, but in the end due to financial problems from Paris bid failed. Mary in order to create a record of the history of Manchester United’s 5970 pounds worth joining, Angels play at Manchester United is not stable, then gradually fade out the season Van Gaal’s lineup. Paris is hoping to leave in the future after Ibrahimovic had a superstar to succeed.
This week in Paris, London and Manchester United went top CEO Woodward consultations, the French “Equipe” also revealed that Mary agreed to join Paris. However, Manchester United had been insisting 59.7 million pounds transfer fee not promoted, according to the “French football,” said the Red Devils finally made concessions and agreed to a 65 million euros from Paris offer.

It is reported that the transfer will be the fastest angel announced this week, Manchester United are also ready for his substitute. Barcelona winger Pedro is expected to 30 million euros worth joining, in a recent interview, Pedro’s teammate Busquets admitted that the former may go to Manchester United.