Manchester United this summer, do not buy exposure goalkeeper Degea if this person go on righting reuse


“Thigh” Degea departure seems to have become inevitable, the Spanish goalkeeper this summer switch to Real Madrid, and today only a transfer price has not been settled, but for Manchester United, now the most urgent is to find a goalkeeper position replacement, but the news from the “Daily Star” revealed that Manchester United are likely to abandon the acquisition of a new goalkeeper in the transfer market this summer, Van Gaal Manchester United will be promoted Valdes become the patron saint of the new one.

Although Cech, Loris even Begovic transfer market Degea can become ideal successors, but Van Gaal did not want to spend money in this position, “the Daily Star newspaper,” said Van Gaal is happy to Manchester United next season, goalkeeper position, to be in charge of Valdes.

“The fact that Valdez had been patiently waiting for the chance to belong to him, so we did not worry about Degea left, goalkeeper position on the issue will be solved at once.” A senior official revealed that inside the club.