Mangiu gotze to Juventus in the instigation of zebra chase Germany foot + wing genius

In the summer transfer market has not yet opened, Juventus coach Allegri says that hopes to sign a 10 player to replace Andrea Pirlo. To this end, the club’s chief executive, Marotta delineation of the ISCOR, Oscar and Ozil, not to open negotiations, have been Real Madrid, Chelsea and Arsenal across the empty propaganda to, said the players are respective ball will not for sale. Recently, Juventus while Bayern Munich poaching Vidal’s opportunity, buy Goetze has put forward requirements to the Bundesliga giants, Italian media “Italy Football” disclosure, the Bianconeri are even willing to Vidal direct exchange Goetze, the two sides do not need to pay the transfer fee, but German media “Bild” said Bayern Munich won’t sell Goetze.
Is at Juventus in Goetze trading on the occasion of the helpless, just sign the front PA, former Bayern Munich striker man Zhu Qi in an interview a few days ago, formulate Goetze joined Juventus too. “I dative policy at Bayern Munich as a teammate, he can a foothold in any team, he is very powerful player, is a boy.” Goetze, 23 years old, trained the Dortmund youth system players, known as the Bundesliga Lionel Messi, on behalf of the Hornets played 116 times, scoring 31 assists for 44 times, the team won the two Bundesliga titles. The 2012 / 13 season is not over, Goetze make shocked the world football’s decision, announced to join rivals Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, the transfer fee is the default gold 37 million euros.
Came to Bayern Munich, Goetze play. The past two seasons played 93 times, scoring 30 goals assists 20 times, but at last summer’s World Cup in Brazil play stunning, he in the final goal help Germany 1-0 overtime victory over Argentina, the German tanks to the fourth time won the world cup. Will sign under Goetze, now is still unknown, even to formulate the man Zhu Qi, Bayern Munich is not necessarily put, so Juventus must choose the spare tire, after news that the Bianconeri are considering draxler. The players aged 21 years old, is also a German 2014 won the members of the world cup, there in the name of the new Ozil, Schalke 04 youth system players, football talent.
Needs to be pointed out is, on season Drake Chrysler by injuries, the season only played 19 times, the injury affected his game, Juventus must carefully consider. , of course, Drax, does not necessarily to join Juventus, before the player’s agent Wittmann accepts when the interview said he did in Italy, but did not with Juventus contact “now, indeed, I in Italy, but I don’t know the transfer of Drax, with Juventus, he is Schalke 04 people, you need to ask them, about the transfer, I only said a rumor.” From Drax broker Wittmann’s words is not difficult to see that the deal was not the spectrum, dative policy, and open negotiations are far worse.
On vrsaljko transactions, according to the Italian media said, the deal has been close to the end, in the morning local time on July 16, vrsaljko broker Rizzo appeared at the Vinovo Juventus training base. It is reported that vrsaljko originally joined Napoli, both sides even on player contract details a consistent, but two ball will cannot move have agreed a fee, the final transaction abortion, Juventus to take advantage of this opportunity to grab vrsaljko. The player, 23 years old, our job right back, the Croatia international, worked in Genoa played, joined the SA solo last summer, past a season in 23 appearances, with four assists.