Mata Mourinho will not want to gloat smoothly Blues Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata

Currently accepted the media interview, he said, and not because now the plight of Chelsea and Mourinho are happy, they have good memories at Stamford Bridge. Now very happy at Manchester United, I did not want to leave to return to Spain. Before Mourinho return to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea’s Mata situation is very good, but due to the arrival of Mourinho, Mata finally only leave Chelsea switch Manchester United. Mourinho said he did not feel any malice. ‘No, I’m not the kind of person that when people when the situation is not good, I’m not the kind of people who gloat.

Make me happy is my life, because now my life is good, I feel happy for myself where, nothing more. ” I do not think about other people losing or poor performance, I’m not that kind of person. ‘Mata during Chelsea won the FA Cup, Champions League and European Cup champion, was his own Chelsea have fond memories of the experience. ‘I always say I am grateful to Chelsea, where he spent a good time, we won a lot of titles, I became a better player, I have many good friends there, I always hope that they can all smooth. ‘Mata said he felt the coach at Manchester United on their own more than confidence in Chelsea. ‘I think the key is that you can feel the confidence of the coach, and the team and his teammates confidence in you, to feel important, everyone wants to be seriously, and now I feel at Manchester United is an important player.

I told the fans, the club and everyone is satisfied, I am enjoying the time now, so that we can better watch the performance.The fact is experienced after five seasons, I felt the teammates, fans The importance and value of their own, of course, people’s respect, has experienced ups and downs, I feel respect for me, it makes me proud. ‘Mata said he currently does not intend to leave Manchester United to return to La Liga . ‘Now I feel very comfortable in England, of course, Spain is my home, everything I have in there, but I am also very happy in England, for their own lives and England football are satisfied. I recommend that all players are available in the Premier League at least a year’s time, the short term I do not intend to return to Spain, take it now and enjoy time at Manchester United’s.

Mata was in Real Madrid’s youth to be had, but he did not want to indicate from the temporary He had returned to La Liga for Real Madrid play.In
fifa ut ps coins the youth team when I have good memories of where I spent my 15-19 years old, I matured a lot and become a player they helped me a lot. Of course there Chelsea, I have full grateful, but I have not yet considered the return to Spain, there is no thought of return to Real Madrid, returned to La Liga. ” Now we’re slowly return to the ranks of the title race, I’m feeling very good, I feel it is important to players, and the relationship between the coach and teammates are good, I enjoyed at Manchester United. ” I’m in the club performed well, and then return to the national team, I can not complain, I am very happy, but I could be better, I hope I can still maintain their peak of his career. ‘(off er)