Messi almost 11 years ago, some anecdotes exposure for the Spanish team to play


11 years ago June 29, representatives of Argentina, Messi first played the game, according to the Argentine domestic media “canchallena” broke the news, this game is by the then Argentine Football Association┬á emergency organization, the purpose is to Avoid Macy joined the Spanish national team.

In 2004, 17-year-old Messi has already come to Barcelona and show a strong football talent. At that time Argentina U20 national team coach Tuo Kali recommend to Grondona Messi, and showed him some Macy playing video. Grondona immediately said: “We need to do something, we must immediately organize a FIFA recognized competition.”

Grondona then quickly gather information Messi and Argentina U20 organized a warm-up match with Paraguay, the first player to get called up is Messi, a small flea very readily agreed. Ready for this game is very rapid, and even have no time to do its work, the locals even simply does not know to be a game like this.

Anyway, through the game, Messi’s future and the Argentine national team connected together, almost 11 years ago today, Pampas eagle find their new Maradona.