Messi made the best of the best in the history!


“Messi is the greatest player in football history.”
Perhaps you think this sentence is full of controversy, but this is the genius of Argentina genius, unparalleled. Of course, to be the best in the world, talent is often not enough, throughout the Macy’s career, you will found the Argentinian magician light is not only talent, as well as sacrifice spirit and unremitting efforts. Here, let’s take a moment of Messi’s career to see how Messi is the best player in the history of the history.
Messi’s name
As is known to all, the Macy’s name is Lionel Messi, but at the beginning, his name called Leonel, Macy’s father Jorge Messi because of their own preferences, Messi’s name has been fine-tuning, the Leonel replaced Lionel. There are rumors claimed, Jorge is by Lionel Richie inspired (Note: English name Lionel Ritchie, the United States in the 1980s rock music the most dazzling star of, but this is not true. Messi changed its name to Lionel, because Jorge thought the name was better. This decision also makes Sellia very surprised, Jorge’s wife.
Football family
Messi with his family Messi with his family
Messi’s father, Messi – Jorge, a very talented player, the old boy in the new team of the young team of the team, after the selection of military service. Macy’s brother Rodrigo was Rosario an attacking hand. After after the accident, eventually retired early, Messi another brother Matthias was Newell’s low level echelon defender, because of not showing enough convincing force strength, the final year only 27 year old announced his retirement. Messi has a cousin, Emanuel, currently playing for Brazil club Gama.
Rosario went out of a genius
Before joining Barcelona, Messi played for the old boys in new york. Messi’s nickname: The Flea, which Chinese fans are very familiar with the “flea”. Messi on the pitch, it’s true, like a flea. When Messi was 7 years old, the locals would like to be in the field and watch Messi play football.
When young Messi Messi has used a little
Tang – APA is a trainer of the Rosario local, responsible for children 4 to 12 years of age, he is often considered to be the first coach Lionel Messi with field goal. There was such a description, “when we get to the stadium, people tend to watch Messi. When he gets the ball, then you can’t grab, this is the other barrier he could be hardly worthy of belief. He can score those you like in the advertisement to see those goals, I remember very clearly: he dribbled off all the people, including the goalkeeper. His way of playing? Now like, freedom.”
Messi winning Messi
When Messi was 9 years old, director of Newell’s old boys asked Messi left at the training ground, Dianqiu training technology, “for every a Dianqiu times to 100 players, he will get a scholarship for ice cream. Once the presence of Messi, he will go Dianqiu 1100 times, so they reward him 10 ice cream.”
The first row of second: Messi first row left second: Messi
Messi’s growing idol – Aimar
Aimar is the predecessor of CM01/02 football (football manager FM’s predecessor) version of genius. Although less than half the Macy’s Emaar’s achievements, but Messi never despise their own idol, on various occasions did not forget praise the idol.
The most classic scene appeared in the 2014 FIFA globes awards, Lionel Messi as the Golden Globe Award winner candidate, standing in front of the stage, the big screen suddenly play from Aimar’s blessing, “you play is the outstanding figures of the two world football, but in my heart, you will always be the best.”
Aimar’s words, Aimar
To hear that, Messi’s smile is more brilliant. Aimar continues to say: “now I have two questions: how do you do it in real time to play better than in the play? This is a joke. Now is a serious question: do you still have a childlike enthusiasm for football? Big hug, I wish you all the best!”
The words of Aimar, like in the moment to remind Messi, “do not forget the early heart.” It is not difficult to understand, in 2015, we saw a rise of Messi.
Messi’s disease
Messi with growth hormone deficiency, very small, looks very small, so it is called “Shorty”. When Messi was 1 years old, 11 meters tall and 32, which is the reason for the lack of growth hormone.
“When I was 11 years old, I found that I was lack of growth hormone, so I had to start to receive treatment to help grow the. Each night, I had to give my thigh a needle, every night, every week, and never stopped, the treatment lasted 3 years. I was so small, when I went to the stadium or to school, I have been the most short one. Until I ended the treatment, I just started to grow.”
It is the cost of this injection, so Messi decided to move away from Argentina, according to the contract, Barcelona will pay for Messi’s treatment. Newell’s old boys don’t want to spend $900 treatment costs, if Jorge to pay for this treatment, then he does not have the money to support the family, so they choose to go to Barcelona.
Signing a contract
The 13 year old Messi joined Barcelona, Messi and Barcelona reportedly signed agreement