Messi: with Tevez never contradictory Argentina is the Americas favorites

America’s cup is about to start, Argentina, Messi, a team player, said several teams have to compete for the strength of the American Cup, which is one of Argentina.

“We all know that the best thing about the season is to win the American Cup,” Messi said.. Thankfully, we have achieved our goal in the club, and we hope that this time we can win more success with the national team.. I like to watch the beautiful football, I would like to see Brazil, Columbia and Chile game.”

About Argentina, Messi said, after the world cup, I want to win the American Cup, I know what it means to us. This generation can win and we realize that we are the hot team. As a team, we should win the championship..”

Messi talked about his status, I don’t know this year is not my best year, but I feel good, I am very happy. We have won every championship, once again achieved three trophies, it is be hardly worthy of belief. In the national team, we are all right now.. But all our competitors, it will make the game very difficult. This is a fairly close to the American cup of America. We will have a better condition to enter the American Cup, better than the world cup, when we have some injuries. This is important for us, for Argentina, the last time to win the American Cup has been a long time away.”

About the outside world reported that he was in contradiction with Messi, Tevez said: I have no contradiction with him.”