Messi: you scare opponents Henzhao waiting for foreign customers!


Chilean players Sahara in Uruguay match with finger “blasting chrysanthemum” Cavani’s news, causing the huge controversy, also let him suffer the punishment of Conmebol. But Chile still beat Uruguay and Peru, to the final of the America’s Cup final, while the man tried to intimidate Messi in the final game against Argentina.
Chile’s “out of the clinic”, with a picture of the contract, warned and threatened Messi. This picture is full of controversy, on the screen, an alien raised a finger stained with blood, and shouted: “you wait, Messi!”
Obviously, the Chilean media is remind Messi, to the final of the Copa America, Chile’s players also would like for Edinson Cavani, Bao Meixi chrysanthemum. The Argentine media pointed out that the Chilean media is to used pictures of this metamorphosis provocation Argentine players, frame, can imagine Pauli’s team in the final will be adopted for Messi fierce marking strategy. Although the photo with a sense of humor, but gives the feeling is full of controversy and provocation. To the Chilean media, this is a kind of risk behavior, because if Argentina won the American Cup champion, the Argentina media is bound to set off a revenge action.
In Hala blasting chrysanthemum Cavani events outbreak, Chilean fans not to be ashamed of think instead flourish, after the game of Brazil and Paraguay, Chile fans hit radical slogans publicly supported Hara: “on the Macy’s, the elbow is stabbed into”, the implication is that let Hala also to poke the Macy’s chrysanthemum, of course, Harvey because there is no suspended this opportunity, the other Chilean players will be fought?