Miami Dolphins fired coach Philbin

Second consecutive losing season NFL coach in the bowl after the fourth week of the London team fired. Miami Dolphins on Monday announced that they have fired coach Joe – Philbin (Joe Philbin). Dolphins coach Philbin made during the 24 wins and 28 losses, missing the playoffs, at the end of last season he has surprisingly been renewed. The team announced that Everett coach Dan Campbell – (Dan Campbell) will become interim coach. Dolphins players and Campbell reportedly close relationship, they will welcome the change. Taking into account the pre-season of high expectations for dolphin, they poor record this season, but may be a way to let the dolphins lose Philbin lost the job to.

Dolphins face the Buffalo Bills last week’s game was the worst in team history home opener performance, in force in the London race for the New York Jets them naked. 27-14 score to mislead people, the whole game in addition to relying fouled dolphins are unable to advance beyond the defensive front for the fourth consecutive game show nothing. Dolphins players treat Philbin reportedly not respect the coach’s attitude treat. His relationship with the players bad. In the nearly four years of coaching time Philbin
madden 16 coins encounter many problems. 2013 season was bullying door scandal ruined.

Dolphins are competing for a playoff spot collapse in December for the
cheap mut coins past two seasons. This was originally thought to be different because the group continues to have a good offensive line and defensive front has a lot of talent. But the Dolphins currently in the bottom of the AL East, they are on the offensive and defensive groups set no direction. Even in the first week of the dolphins in their offensive group victory we can not move forward, advancing a few yards less than their rival Washington Redskins. Dolphins boss on Monday showed his players that the current situation is not a problem. And now these people to prove that he is right up.