Monday night game last time major offensive mistakes time

Steelers lore Lightning on Monday night game, NFL there have been significant timing errors tournament officials announced on Tuesday in Pittsburgh at the beginning of the last wave of attacks. NFL spokesman Michael – Senger Nora (Michael Signora) to the NFL media staff Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) made the following statement and explanation: in the fourth quarter and 2 minutes and 56 seconds when San Diego
nfl 16 madden coins to Pittsburgh kickoff, the ball flew over the bottom sentenced to return the array, in accordance with the regulations, if the party receives the ball in the end zone no kickoff back to attack, the game time is not the start timing.

Since the timekeeper’s mistake operation, before the Steelers 20 yards from the starting offensive line for the first time, the race began to take the form of time, leaving only attack began when the first tranche of 2 minutes and 38 seconds instead of the correct 2 minutes 56 seconds A 18 seconds of errors. NFL person in charge on Tuesday after watching the video repeatedly pointed out this mistake, represent should promptly check the time, guarantee that mistakes will not
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NFL timekeeper is hired by the league, usually with work experience college football, timekeeper generally live in a place away from the stadium relatively close, but in the playoffs, the league will not hire timekeeper game live at home . Fortunately, the Steelers, especially Le Weiang – Bell (Le’Veon Bell) in the last attack to win the last inch win the game, so NFL into one headache less trouble.