Montella Back to Pete very excited, very happy

Sampdoria officially announced officially became coach Montella, the two sides signed until June 2018. This is the third time Montella came to Pete, the first two are a player, and this one
fifa 17 coins is the coach. The return of the latest news from the Chairman of Ferrero’s personal Twitter account, followed by the club’s official website officially declared. Yesterday afternoon, when Montella and staff already flew into the new adventure, and they came to the team’s training center to wait
fut 17 coins for the press conference that followed.

But Pete Jazeera has obtained exclusive interviews in advance, coach said: Thank the fans, whether it is after the last few days and I Pete rumors appeared in the past as an opponent or fight back and Pete Sampras me again very excited, very happy. ‘As a player Montella played for Roma, 99 came to the red wolf and won the league championship in 2009 in Rome, announced his retirement, and then also coached Rome. July 22, 2013, Montella named Roma Club Hall of Fame, 39 years old, he also became the club’s official Hall of Fame finalists Rome youngest former Roma player. Early in 2006 after the 60th anniversary of the club Sampdoria fans in the official selection, the finalists Sampdoria Montella on the 60th anniversary of the official team.