NBA 2K18 is Removing Custom Shirts That Infringe on Current Copyrights

NBA 2K18 likes to market player creativity by allowing them to make custom shirts in MyCareer mode. These custom shirts can then get 2K18 MT voted by the community to become in-game products for purchase. The problem is that some players have already been designing shirts with real-life copyrights on them and 2K is now taking them away.

The explanation for the removal of those shirts is simply because they may be made featuring copyrighted materials. Items like designer brands including Supreme, logos from other sports organizations just like the NFL, along with other copyrighted material just like the Batman logo, have all been seen on custom shirt styles. And since they’re being sold for actual cash (by means of Virtual Currency, or VC) you may see how this can become messy from a legal standpoint.

On reddit, ResetEra, and Kotaku, there are reports coming out about these shirts’ removal from the game. One user on ResetEra stated that 10 custom shirts of theirs (priced at 3,500 VC every single) had been removed with out explanation. 2K assistance offered them a one-time 10,000 VC payout, however the player refused and asked for any full refund.

No doubt this is not what 2K nba mt had in thoughts when custom shirts became available in the myPark mode. Simultaneously, you can’t actually promote a web-based service for players to make custom streetwear with out them creating, you understand, actual streetwear.

No matter if this indicates adjustments will come to the shirt creator to clamp down on copyright infringements are coming, or if 2K will simply continue to take down shirt designs before they turn into out there for sale stay to become seen.

2K has not responded for the predicament, but we will update the story with any new developments.