NBA 2K18 patched on Xbox One to battle big glitch in MyCareer mode

2K Sports has acknowledged a serious bug in NBA 2K18 which has wiped out progression, things and in some cases virtual currency in the game’s on the net MyCareer mode on Xbox One.

The discovery of the bug and numerous testimonials to it in the NBA 2K subreddit prompted a statement from a 2K Games representative earlier today.

2K mentioned a patch is going out “in a matter of hours” to fix these issues, which 2K acknowledged had triggered Xbox One players to Buy mt NBA 2K18 prevent MyCareer so as not to lose in-game currency.

2K Sports’ Ronnie Singh, the face of NBA 2K’s prolific Twitter presence, mentioned earlier this afternoon that a patch had been authorized and would be out by the finish of your day.

Users had complained of opening MyCareer and finding anything gone and also the character proficiently reset – which includes the virtual clothes, signature animations and player badges earned since NBA 2K18 launched for pre-order NBA MT customers on Friday.

This thread contains a series of updates explaining what happened, warning Xbox One players to stay off MyCareer until the patch rolled out. Players on other platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, needs to be OK.

The thread stated that save files had been lost but that 2K Sports was recovering them by manually duplicating saves for hundreds of consumer support tickets.

Official instructions can help customers who have been affected with discovering out if they’ve been affected, taking steps to become certain it is the glitch and not some other situation, and the way to file a support ticket if products or currency are lost.