NBA 2K18 players re-create Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ on NBA 2K18

Reddit user MarLuThaKang had a dream. No, it’s not to liberate America from social inequality and solve police brutality. Rather, it’s to spend homage towards the late, good Michael Jackson by re-creating ‘Thriller’ on NBA mt at, 24/7 online help.

MarLuThaKang was able to fulfill his dream and is now sharing the product of his really hard perform for everyone to consume.
For the non-gamers, NBA2K18 features a function known as ‘The Neighborhood’ which allows users to virtually explore the streets, visit a health club, and apparently, even dress up like Jackson and perform the classic hit song out in the open. It is really 1 way the game is rocking the globe of gamers.

In accordance with The Supply, MarLuThaKang’s original decision of track was ‘Smooth Criminal’ but located out that the video game didn’t possess the correct attire obtainable to match the 1 Jackson and his crew had within the 1987 smash music video.
With MarLuThaKang’s masterpiece, we might be searching for far more to come from users inspired by this distinctive Thriller adaptation.